New Skin & New Name

I changed the old blogger template to a new one called Pin-Up Girls. Was getting sick of seeing the old blog title too so I thought to myself why not changed that too so it got a new name as well - CHAPTER 20.

Chapter 20 is just a reflection on my age. Yes, I'm turning 20 this year and I have resolved not to act like a spoiled little bitch (SLB) and more towards a kindred spirit. Although I didn't really make any concrete new year's resolution for 2010, a few did popped into my mind but I'm too lazy to write it down. Oops, just broke one resolution then.

I can't wait till 27th FEB cause my boyfriend is coming back then. Hurray! I'm really happy cause he bought a lot of things for me and I'll have my driver + servant back. See what I meant by SLB? I really should be unpacking right now...but the bed is calling out to me. Which is funny cause I just woke up from my nap. Okay bed you win...I'm coming back to you.