Power of Photoshop *RAWR*

I have decided to change my Blog title cause I want readers to know that I can be quite bitchy some times. But I am generally nice to those who are nice to me. But be prepare to receive a ton of shit if you treat me like crap.

  • I do swear but it's not like every one of my sentence ends with WTF?.
  • I do get angry. Heck, I have the worst temper.
  • I do have hate in my life and people who are always happy and have "I LOVE THE WORLD" attitude totally freak the hell out of me, not to mention it's annoying as well.
  • I know I'm probably gonna lose a lot of readers/ get a lot of negative comments over this change.

BUT...I won't pretend to be nice and this blog will still be mainly about cosmetics and skincare review although I think that random posts are outnumbering reviews already.

I have prepared something to make girls feel good about themselves.

WARNING: Not for the weak or easily enraged. Some pictures might induced you to feel like you must punch something.

Oohh, let me electrify you with twinkling eyes and luscious lips!

The boyfriend thinks this one is funny --> *below*

Instant slimmer face and glowing skin! Every girls' dream.

I am such a manga/anime wannabe! Ooohhh yeeeaah call me "kawaii-desu".

Where the hell did the other girl come from? *cues X-File music*

Unleashing the geisha (read:whore) in me.*Ignore my skewed lips*

Wishing very hard to be who I am not.

Let's attract guys by putting the fake me on Facebook!

The next Jolin-Tsai.

What? How dare you say I look like a monkey? I'm cute, OKAY?

I am the Princess of Elf, Mandragora! Bow down to me, Little People.

The right side is the real me! Honest!

Yeah man! I am damn dreamy.

STOP ACTING CUTE ALREADY! Sheesh! I mean, using Photoshop to smoothen your skin or delete an occasional pimple or two is alright but to totally alter your looks? Something is so wrong about that. They should just go for plastic surgery. Oh wait, they probably don't have the moolah for that.

On another note:

30/3 Consumer Behavior Mid Term Exam 25%
31/3 Retail Marketing & Distribution Mid Term Exam 30%
01/4 Environmental in Business Seminar Presentation 20%

For RM&D, we have to read 10 chapters with no tips or hints about what questions are coming out. One word - FUCK.

I promise product reviews will be coming soon. I will write them during my free week so please check back then.

*Be Smart Don't Use Photoshop*


Assignments! Assignments! FLY AWAY!~

This is what I should be doing:

This is what I'm doing:

I'm trying to level my baby fox so we can go hunt demons together. Don't let the cuteness fool you. It turns ugly and fierce when in battle. The second pic is of an Mandarin online forum selling everything under the sun but my main interest is trying to score as many cheap BB creams as possible.
*If you would like to try BB cream (It's amazing, I tell you), I'm giving out free samples. Just have to pay for the postage. Leave me a comment ya.

And if you see an increase in blog posts, then you know I'm trying to get away from assignments. Honestly, I would actually do
everything but the actual assignment. I believe we have a word for it in the English dictionary - procrastination.

pro-cras-ti-nate[proh-kras-tuh-neyt]: (1) used without object - to defer action/delay (2) used with object - to put off another time or day; delay; defer
Is it just me or does explanation (1) & (2) both means the same thing? Pah, dictionary (! Waiting for friends to come to the house so we can write the assignment together. Three heads are always better than one... in most cases. In this case, they would probably raid my make up room (Yes, I have a room specially to put my make up and clothes in) and we end up doing nothing other than talk about make up.

And do you know who would come to save me from my assignments in the end?


Look! Just look at it! It looks fake I know! But I think it's real. Okay stop looking at it now. It gets freaky after a while. I wish I have a kitty. =<>


Puke Girl

MCQ time!

Why is Lisa not a happy camper today?

A) She was up till 1am cleaning puke off the car's seats and carpets.
B) Her favorite bag and jacket got puke on it.
C) She just spent RM317 on alcohol and then it all became puke.
D) She smells like puke.
E) All of the above.

Scroll down for the correct answer!

And the correct answer is... (E)!

Yup, I am officially the "
Puke Girl"! Other people get title like "Popular Girl"/"Smart Girl"/"Rich Girl" and what do I get?


Look up to the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! It's... It's... It's...Oh, it's just you, "Puke Girl".


And then, everyone scuttles away.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh your head off. No no, don't stifle it. I wouldn't want anyone to explode. Actually, no, go ahead and explode then I can call you "Exploding Girl" and you can be my sidekick.

And we shall rule the world together. You by exploding and me by... being pretty.

P/S: Thanks to Yumeko and Cris for almost making me not minding being call "Puke Girl".


Still Alive

I know I haven't been blogging much. It's just that:
  1. Procrastination is never my good friend.
  2. As much as I hope, assignments do not finish themselves.
  3. My room is still messy.
I'm not sure what reasons number 3 has to do with why I haven't been posting but I just feel like telling the world. So there you go, world.

But I did managed to play with my new stuff including
Shills 5 in 1 EGF Spray Foundation and Osis+ Dust It and Relian Mascara. During this time, I keep on glancing at my computer to see whether my assignment is magically writing itself. Sadly, it's not. Maybe I should wear my red shoes and click them together 3 times while chanting "Oh, ye great Assignment God! Please show me your power!" or maybe I should just stop acting crazy.

Nah... acting crazy* is more fun. (*in moderation)

Anyways, let me present to you my first FOTD! [Face of the Day]

I know I look like I'm sad but that's just how my eyes are. All wonky and stuff. And no, I did not go for lip collagen injection. Again, it's all in the genes, baby. I really hate my hair right now cause it's straight... why yeah, of course it's straight since I straigthened it. I miss my permed hair.

I tried smiling in my photos but it just made me look like an idiot. A pretty idiot. A sad blank face is the lesser of the two evils if compared to a smiling village idiot. Agree?

Now leave a comment to tell me how pretty I am.

P/S: Can anyone please tell me how to add frames/borders for my photos?


Lisa's Monday

I must be one of the luckiest girl in the world because I don't suffer from Monday's blues. Well, for this semester only. I don't have class on Monday and Friday so it's like having long weekend every week. Yes, do envy me. Wahahaha.

So what did I do today? Well, mummy and I was suppose to go for manicure but the shop was closed. =<

Yellow Ducky Dispenser RM4.90
Planning to put my Fruit of the Earth lotion in because I hate lotions that come in flip top bottle.

And this arrive in the mail today:

Shills 5 in 1 EGF Spray Foundation RM41 inc postage!
The others are Anna Sui Mascara. It arrived ages ago. All these are sample sizes.

I finally wrapped one of my textbook. It took me more than 1 hour because of my short attention span. I always managed to find excuse to go to the computer.

Whole book.

Close up of the title. I simply love it!

I spotted these one the web today. Me want:

It's a wallet for your cards, cash and receipts! I want the cookie monster or the count. But it costs US$13 excluding shipping. Damn. I gotta get myself some money.

I'm planning my next mail order. Please bear with me while I'm doing the reviews. There are few assignments due in a month's time. Yeah, uni's a bitch.

So how was your Monday?



I literally squealed and gasped when I stepped foot into Watson for what laid before my eyes was the new Majolica Majorca counter! I walked toward the counter as in a trance. It wasn't before I touched one of the items that I snapped out of the trance. It felt good to be alive then.

The items weren't all up yet so I had fun digging through the boxes and ooh-ing and aah-ing. I was even the first ones to test all the testers while Ken was coming every few minutes to see if I was done. I bought three items for the total cost of RM78.

Left to Right: Skin Lingerie OD Control - Frozen Eyes Splash (Bubbles) - Honey Pump Gloss

I heard so many raves about skin lingerie that I just had to buy it. The eyeshadow I bought is sparkly white color and can act as a base and eyeliner. Will get the other five when I have the money.

Three limited edition items came out also (As corrected by Plue). I only want to buy this: Majolumina Powder in Puff Golden Sparkle(Just look at the hot pink and black casing. And the puff, oh the puff! *swoons*)

The other two items are: Lash Gorgeous Wing (Brown) - Majolumina Powder in Puff Silver Glitter

Don't wanna get the mascara because it's brown. I only use black. So I might get this one instead:

But after reading Miracle's review. I doubt I will buy it. Somehow the idea of things getting stuck in my eyeball is just not that appealing and what if you are rubbing your cheeks and it leaves a patch of black on you!! Can you imagine how embarrassing that will be?

On another note, I also received my Relian Mascara!! Excited cause I can finally do my review of both Relian & Flamingo Mascara!

To those who are following my blog: BIG SLOPPY KISS TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION. Haha. Drop a comment (petticoats) to let me know what you think of the new collection by Majolica Majorca!