Lisa 2 Maggots 0 + Stress Reliever

Wow, look at me go. Another post! I did said that I would track my spending with this blog so here I am.

I was quite determined to make my RM100 last as many days as possible and was quite confident that it would at least be enough for this week. Boy, was I wrong (as always).

I was waiting for my next class at 12PM while on the phone with the boyfriend and he told me that our house was infested with maggots (again!). So I told him to come pick me up cause he was too pussy to clean up the mess. Granted, it was disgusting. We drove straight to the supermarket to pick up some essentials on annihilating the maggots such as sprays, mothballs, dettol and those mosquitoes rings thingy which cost me around RM38+ including boyfriend's drink.

Then when I got home, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least I didn't gagged like last time. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed until I was satisfied the whole floor was covered with pesticide. Then I lit the mosquitoes ring thingy to smoke out the little bastards. After that, I pounded the mothballs into fine powder and spread it around the floor.

Thinking all these will be enough, I cleaned up myself and googled "how to kill maggots". One sentence: should have googled before I've sprayed cause apparently bug sprays doesn't kill them!* Shit... I went to boil some water and poured it onto the floor with dettol. Now, the house smelled like... bug sprays, dettol and smoke. I should be dead or at least coughing my lungs out but I'm not.

*One would think that having been through this experience already, I would know how to kill maggots. The first time was in Singapore.

I being too pussy to take care of the now dead maggots, the boyfriend offered to clean up the last remaining mess seeing as how I did the killing. But I wouldn't let him do it (see, I am not mean to him - why do people always say I torture him?) so I called the cleaner which is going to cost me another RM50. Meaning I only have around... RM10 left.

*The cleaner was here till 11:30PM. I told her to come every fortnight now and I got a pretty good deal out of it.

Great Lisa, just great. The boyfriend is basically paying for all my lunch plus dinner (if not going over to parent's house) and I still owe him RM123. I found out that The Body Shop is having their annual sale... with items going up to 70% off. The Skin Food is also opening! Someone, Good news is that TM Net is giving out dividend today. I should really get a job huh?

Anywhos, I'm organising a contest soon.

Since, a lot of people are going to have their exams (including myself) , gonna leave you guys with this e-mail I got ages ago.

*The picture should move. If it doesn't move please let it load.
New schoold semester:
user posted image
At the first week:
user posted image
At the second week:
user posted image
Before the mid-term test:
user posted image
During the mid-term test:
user posted image
After the mid-term test:
user posted image
Before the final exam:
user posted image
Once know the final exam schedule:
user posted image
7 days before final exam:
user posted image
6 days before final exam:
user posted image
5 days before final exam:
user posted image
4 days before final exam:
user posted image
3 days before final exam:
user posted image
2 days before final exam:
user posted image
1 day before final exam:
user posted image
A night before final exam:
user posted image
1 hour before final exam:
user posted image
During the final exam:
user posted image
Once walk out from the exam hall:
user posted image
After the final exam, during the holiday:
user posted image

Ever feel like this?



First, I want to thank everyone for leaving consoling comments regarding my lost phone and to smiley13tree for posting up the Bath Cookie recipe I've requested. Will try it out once I've hunt down all the ingredients.

Now, remember about Project 10 Pan from my previous post? *scratches head* Yeah, that didn't worked out ... not as well as I would have hoped. When I wrote that post it was on Thursday? and now it's Monday and I bought more stuff. Someone please give me a slap to wake me up. Need to fatten my wallet up again. I was hoping I could get a part time job at my dad's company but the company doesn't need anyone right now. Oh well... right now I could only pray that my stock/unit trust will earn me more money.

Random note: I lost my phone right? And the last 4 digit of my phone number is 0310 and guess what? It was the top prize for the lottery ticket. Damn...

These are some of the stuff I've bought. Not pictured here are 2 Lotion Mate Massager (review will be coming right up), a cardigan, boots/shoes, shorts, clothes and other miscelleaneous items cause I can't fit them into one photo. I bought lots of lotions for my legs and am currently in a shaping craze cause I can't stand to see the fat me in the mirror.

I gotta get rid of the hoarding habit. Most of the time I'll buy two of everything cause I like to know that I have back up. This is fine if I used up the products... But I never do. Does anyone has/used to have the same habit? The only way for me to stop spending is to stop going to the mall. I did quite well a few months back cause I was lazy to go out and so no shopping. No mall = fat wallet = happy Lisa.

Watched Star Trek today. Not bad, not bad at all. I really thought I was going to hate it cause it's Sci-Fi and all. Funny thing was I got Star Trek mixed up with Star Wars. Yeah, how smart am I? I'm thinking of tracking my spending with this blog so I can actually see where my money is going. Anyone ever has this experience whereby you remember you have a lot of money and by the end of the week, it's almost all gone and you think to youself "Where the heck did all the money went?". I used to track my purchases but it got so stressful cause when disceprancies came up, I'll wonder my ass/sleep off even if it was just 10 or 50 cents.

Off to bed now. Neck is killing me. Gotta make that massage appointment soon.



Technology Hates Me

I lost my (read: the boyfriend's) phone. *mopes* It was a Nokia 6300. Worse is, I have no idea how I lost it. I remember I still had it with my in class cause Janet was asking what I was doing. The when I went home *poof* gone, just like all that. Some fucker must have took it out of my bag when I wasn't looking. Served me right for not closing my bag everytime.

R.I.P A moment of silence for my phone. God knows where it is now, The fucker who took it better loves it as much as I did. I know it's just a phone and an old model but still... Honestly, these things keep on happening to me. This is the second time I've lost a phone given to me by the boyfriend. Then there is a time when soup got into my HP PDA. Then, my first NDSL broke after like... 3 weeks. Sheesh. Is like I'm cursed or something. The boyfriend was really nice about the whole situation. I really thought he will start lecturing me again.

Moving on to a happier note now. I'm going on a holiday to Penang, JB and Kuching in July. (They're all in Malaysia) Penang to visit my friend, JB to visit the two sisters and Kuching to celebrate Grandmama's birthday. I am going with Summer. So expect holiday pics after July.

Other than that, I've been spending a little too much this month cause of Mother's Day, new shops opening and eating in too many restaurants...So after reading a few blogs, I found out about "Project 10 Pan". Basically, you have to finish 10 products before you can buy a new one. Sounds better than my "no more shopping until I finish all my products", yeah how realistic is that? Could probably take me a few years to finish them all. But I'm going to change the project to "finish 10 products then you can buy one set of cosmetics/skincare/haircare/bodycare of your choice".

I was suppose to go to the mall today with Summer but after losing my phone I lost the mood and not to mention I don't want to spend any more money after losing my phone. Still have to pay for the IPL sessions which will cost me a few grands. *sigh* But things have a habit of working itself out for me. :)

I was actually quite worried about where I am going to find the money to spend on my holiday cause it's self paid and all that. But my dad came to the rescue! No, he didn't give me any money. He just told me that my stock portfolio is doing quite well and I've earned a quite a decent amount from that. Which was enough to make me forget about the phone... for a while. After that, I started to mope again. *mopes mopes mopes*

Yeah, sorry about the lack of photos. My camera is kinda broken (see, I told you technology hates me!). Photos of the things I've bought these past few weeks and my stash will be up soon... most probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


First Award

I got my first award from the lovely Cris: The Friendship Award!

The rules:
1. Take your award here *checked*
2. Put the logo on your post *checked*
3. Link the person who awarded you *checked*
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers *checked*
5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours *checked*
6. Leave a message for your nominees *checked*

Thanks Cris! This really made my day...or night when I was reading the post.

7 Bloggers: (because I don't really know that many people and most of the well known ones were given the award already)
1. Huei Yin (My best friend! in the whole wide world. Head over to her blog for some awesome art and thought provoking but megaly cool ideas)
2. Grace (My another best friend! She's really into fashion.)
3. Miracle (Haven't met her yet but she's really friendly!)
4. Plue (Always there to give advice and reviews on beauty stuff :) Plus she's really really nice)
5. Yumeko (Just cause she said I'm pretty. Yeah, I'm easy like that. )

I can't think of anymore... I want to give it back to Cris but is that allowed? And I was going to give it to Nikki and SongLing too but they've got it as well. *sigh* I really need to go and make more blogger friends huh? (and leave more comments)

I forgot about Jenn! The lipglosseater shall get spot number 6.

6. Jenn (She's really cute! and you can tell she's one of those sincere kinda person which is really rare. I don't mind to get to know her better.)

Oh I know, I've been reading a blog written by a dog named Belle. I'm giving it to her too cause her short notes about her life are really refreshing and light :) Here you go Belle, you got spot number 7.
7. Belle the Dog (You know what they say about dogs...)

Phew, that's all folks. I gotta go take a shower. Sweating like a pig...does it sweat?


Fried...& Mini Review

Sorry for the lack of posts. :( Was fighting off a fever and stressing about the assignments. Normal blogging will resume after next week. No sleep tonight cause friends coming for a sleepover. Tomorrow going to facial and IPL session.

This is how my brain feels with all the assignments:

*Taken from Cracked website. Go to the website to see a bigger version of the comic.

I'll end this post with a mini review:

Vichy Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care 50ml

Skin Type: Tested on sensitive acne-prone skin. Non-comedogenic.

Action: Transforms the skin in 4 weeks. Blemishes resorbed, texture and tone restabilized, specific pore anti recurrence action

Result: Epidermis instantly refined: shiny patches absorbed, redness viisbly reduced, epidermis hydrated. After 4 weeks, the complexion is visibly transformed and rediscovers the texture and comfort of healthy looking skin: excess sebum controlled, complexion and surface texture unified, imperfections look reduced. 2 week anti-recurrence action on pores.

Container: Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care - 50ml - airless pump bottle

*All taken from Vichy's UK website.

Comes in pump bottle - very hygienic. One pump is enough for the whole face. The smell is really pleasant :) It reminds me of my sisters cause they both are using/used this product. I got mine from big sister. Texture wise, it's really runny and spreads very well. Color is white.

I really love this product. It smells nice and relaxing. Dries quickly to a non greasy matte finish and when you touch your skin, oh, the softness of it. Acts as a make up base. Keeps your face shine free and the face doesn't get oily so quicky. This product is especially great for hot and humid countries! I don't really have any gripes about the product. I haven't tried it out for the recommended period to see results so I can't comment on that. But so far it's going great. :)

P/S: Remember when I said I was going to update you guys on the Garnier Mask? Well I couldn't cause a few a days after trying out the mask, I went for a facial so that will kinda skewed the result. I'm sorry.

P/P/S: Go watch the Wolverine movie if you haven't! Hugh Jackman is sooo...."man". *swoons* I know the trend no is more towards skinny metrosexual males but I like my man man! Haha.