Garnier Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask

I was just trying out Garnier Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask with cucumber extract and zinc so decided to write a review about it before I forget.

The formula generates a self-heating 3 minutes action on contact with the skin and works to remove impurities and excess sebum that can block pores. Your skin feels deeply cleansed and looks shine-free. It feels purified for up to 7 days. Dermatologically tested.
Glycerin, Kaolin, Propylene Glycol, Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, CI77891/Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Montmorillonite, Propylene Gycol, Aqua/Water, Cucumis Satmus/Cucumber Fruit Extract, Salicylic Acid, Zinc PCA, Spiraea Ulmaria/Spiraea Ulmaria Extract, Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol Denat, Allantoin, CI42090/Blue 1, CI77007/Ultramarines, CI77947/Zinc Oxide, Lactic Acid, Lauryl Aminopropyglycine, Lauryl Diethylenediaminoglycine, Niacinamide, Propylene Carbonate, Serine, Sodium Chloride, SOdium Lactate, Sorbitol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Tea-Lactate, Urea, Butylparaben, Phenoxythanol, Triclosan, Parfum/Frangrance, Hexyl Cinnaman, Butyphenyl Methylpropional, B9003/1


It comes in two packets with 6ml in each packet which is really enough for both face and neck although I feel there isn't a need to slab it on to your neck. I really hate the plastic because it was hard to tear open and the instruction is on the top packet so it would be wise to use the bottom packet first.


It has frangrance. It smells kinda earthy but soapy. Can't really decide what it smells like. The mask is really easy to spread and not too thick but not too runny either so it's just right. It doesn't dry up so don't expect that. The color is a pretty light blue.

  • Easy to wash off.
  • Really does have a sauna effect. Some reviewers claim that it's mild but some feels like it's burning their faces off. But I like it.
  • My face is shine free. :)
  • Affordable.
  • My face became itchy after using the mask for a short while.
  • Doesn't feel like there is any deep cleansing going on.
  • It won't dry. I like masks that dry up.
  • The heating sensation doesn't really lasts 3 minutes.
Was going through the ingredients list and a few ingredients stood out:
  • Kaolin (it's a type of clay): Really good for oily skin and drawing out impurities.
  • Titanium Dioxide: The best chemical sunscreen?
  • Salicylic Acid: Good for pimply skin and some exfoliation. But skin will be temporary sun sensitive.
I don't really think it's going to last 7 days. But you see, Garnier isn't stupid either cause the description says "up to 7 days" so it might last 0-7 days depending on how lucky you are. Will update after a week.

* You can expect a few pimples to pop up. It's normal.


Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for passing by my blog. The Kose nose strips alright. haha. After a while it doesn't work as good as the first time. I plan to purchase the Naris Up Carbon Peel next time once I run out of the Kose. I read that it's a lot better in clearing up the pores.

I didn't know Garnier made Masks. ahaha. I've never tried any self-heating mask before but Shiseido makes a real good self-heating scrub to unclog pores, it's called Pore Purifying Warming Scrub. I highly recommend it. However, it's not intended to be used as a mask, it's more of a gel type scrub that you massage onto your face and rinse off. I've used it before and it really helps to minimize your pores.
Cris said…
Sounds like it'd burn my face off XD (judging from previous experiences with similar stuff). But I'm glad it works for you :).
Lisa said…
@sugarlesscandybeauty: I heard so much about Naris Up Carbon Peel too and there's another one called Pola? that received a lot of good reviews as well.

How much is the Shiseido one? Is it suitable for sensitive skin? Hehe, do you have a review of it?

@Cris: Hey babe. If you used it in an air-con room then it wouldn't be as hot. But your skin is already flawless! :)
Anonymous said…
thank you for commenting on my blog! I don't know if garnier sells masks here in ph. I will have to check it out. thanks for the review!
beeyoutiful7 said…
Hey grrrrrl,

thanks for stoppin by my blog!

I'm thinking about getting their whitening serum..and few more of their skincare stuff.

Also their Powder & foundation. LOL

basically, everything and i will need about $300 to get them all LOL !

did you have anything in mind that you want from P&J ? You should definitely try their whitening serum cause alll the blogger ladies have been talkin about them =)

Sassy Jadore said…
Hey girl!
Thanks for dropping by my page and for the comment. =)
Your page is cute. I like ur photoshopping too. I wish I had photoshop, but I don't. All I can do is use the basic paint and the color changing option that came with my comp.
Lisa said…
@gia: No problem :) Found your review of eyeliners very useful.

@beeyoutiful7: Yeah yeah! I wanted to get the whitening serum too. Have a lot of pesky acne scars I wanna get rid of. I also heard a lot of raving reviews about the liquid foundation and oh your welcome :)

@Sassy Jadore: Thanks! I didn't photoshop them though. Yeah, me to. Hehe.
Anonymous said…
I never heard of Pola… I should probably check that out too. Haha. thanks.

I haven’t used the Shiseido’s self-heating scrub for quite a while now, I have no idea why I stopped, I prefer it more than their cooling essence (they say you should use the cooling essence after the heating scrub to make your pores even smaller but I think the scrub already does the job). It’s around $23US, comes in a squeeze tube and last quite a while (I had mine for year) since you only need very little on areas around your face.

I would say it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and it doesn’t feel like it’s burning your face off. Haha. It does contain microbeads and small purifying granules which helps to deeply clean your pores. You use it only once a week, after cleansing, be sure your face and hands are dry before apply it then massage it on the areas of the face where you feel it’s clogged or where there are visible pores and massage for 30 seconds then rinse off, follow with daily skincare. It’s a really great product. I don’t have a review on it but you can search on Makeupalley or on google for some reviews.
beeyoutiful7 said…
THEFACESHOP cleansing oil gel does not smell like herbs at all =)

smells just like baby oil !

Im sure youll love itt

prettybeautiful said…
eeeeeep itchy after use? tht's something not too awesome. i suspect im allergic to salicylic acid. i have used a couple if stuff with tht ingredients and gave me a hell time.
Lisa said…
@sugarlesscandybeauty: It's a Japanese brand. Not sure if they have it in US. US$23 kinda pricey but I guess it's worth it if it really does minimise the pore cause god knows most products that claim to minimise the pores don't really work. Thanks for the tip :)

@beeyoutiful7: I wanna get it but have to wait till my holiday trip cause there isn't The Face Shop in my city. :(

@prettybeautiful: It was only for a while though but I have to keep myself from scratching my face. Maybe the salicylic acid was too strong in the product you used? Have you tried the aspirin mask?
♡ Nic Nic ♡ said…
thanks for commenting :) and thanks for th review! this line from Garnier usually dries the skin for me >_< glad it's working for you tho!! I got the bon bon nail colours really cheaply for just 360yen i think!

with that mask i just applied a thicker layer. yes i guess patience does help ^.^
Ladyfei♡ said…
hei! thanks for the review, im not really into facial masks though.. maybe i will try one later.. the LUSH ones look really nice.

thanks! i didnt buy the costume.. i made the pattern and chose the fabric but i got someone else to help sew xD
Lisa said…
@♡ Nic Nic ♡: Sure,no problem. :) I'm sure Japan has lots and lots of others wonderful skincare that Garnier can't compare to. You're lucky.

Oh wow, here they are selling at around 1,000+ Yen. I never have enough patience to go around.

@Ladyfei♡: How the heck do you two type in the heart sign. Grr. I can't figure out even if my life depends on it.

I like Lush too but there isn't a store here. I heard "Angel on Bare Skin" is damn good!

If you buy the costume, I think it will be very expensive. That person can start his/her own shop! It's really good, the costume.
ning * star said…
uh... i saw this too, but havent really got my mind to try it yet. haha... well, it seems to be great

thanks for dropping by and teaching how to pronounce " meringue"

haha... lol, I make it such a funny pronunciation.
miRaCLe said…
wow! the shine-free effect totally attract me :p
update us on the shine-free effect! :D

nice review!! ^^
Lisa said…
@ning*star: Haha no problem. Meringue is a cute word. Do tell me when you've tried the mask out.

@miRaCLe: Thanks. :) Welcome back.
✿Ji✿ said…
LOL the poor dog!xD

Thx so much for your consoling comment! I already feel better now!^^
LyNn said…
the technology does sound interesting.
feel like just trying one despite not very effective based on your review.
chezka=) said…
Thanks for the review, I will try this sauna mask soon. You might also want to try Garnier LIGHT Lightening Peel-Off Mask. It has a sweet citrus smell and it gives you an afterglow. It's my favorite peel-off mask (never mind that it never dries up :( ) I was just looking for review on the sauna mask and googling up ZINC because I'm worried it might irritate my face. After all, this seems to be the most affordable mask in the market :) Thanks again! If it didn't burn your face, maybe it won't burn mine too :)
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