Finally, uni starts for me tomorrow. I'm all ready to go since I have been preparing the week before. Yeah, that's how I'm excited to go. 3 months plus holiday can drive me crazy.

Today, Ken and I went to Parkson to celebrate an extremely belated Valentines Day. We went to watch "Underworld 3" and let me tell you what a waste of RM16 it was. First, we were late for the movie due to our own fault then we had to grope around in the dark for a seat and then the uncomfortable shuffling around began.

"Underworld 3" was basically about how the war was waged between the Vampires and Lycans but anyone who have watched "Underworld 1 + 2" all knew that it was because the Vampires enslaved the Lycans and one of the Lycan, Lucian, fell in love with the Princess of Vampires and was killed because she was pregnant with the Lycan's baby. *Yawn*

Enough about the movie. I bought "Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It" for RM55 and my, how tiny it is - only 10g/50ml. It can fit the palm of my hand nicely. Tomorrow I will find out whether RM55 is justifiable for such a small product.

I was going to buy "Beautilicious Brushy Business" and "The Body Shop Cassis Rose EDT" but both shop ran out of stock. Why do they always do this to me? WHY?! I was pretty smug about myself because I left Bintang Plaza with only one beauty product. Good Lisa.

Can't wait for the salespeople to call me when the items arrive!


miRaCLe said…
thanks for commenting! :)) i bought the OSIS+ dust it too! but i have yet to try it out :p it's been on my shelf for more than a month now! hahas. will be nice to look at your review! :))
prettybeautiful said…
hmmm how to use the OSIS+ dust? is it a dry shampoo? cant wait to see ur review!
ohmypetticoat said…
Miracle: Ah well, my one is sitting on my shelf also. Haha.

Prettybeautiful: Basically you just put some onto your hair and bring it to your hair and fluff it up until the desired volume. It's not really a dry shampoo per se.

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