I literally squealed and gasped when I stepped foot into Watson for what laid before my eyes was the new Majolica Majorca counter! I walked toward the counter as in a trance. It wasn't before I touched one of the items that I snapped out of the trance. It felt good to be alive then.

The items weren't all up yet so I had fun digging through the boxes and ooh-ing and aah-ing. I was even the first ones to test all the testers while Ken was coming every few minutes to see if I was done. I bought three items for the total cost of RM78.

Left to Right: Skin Lingerie OD Control - Frozen Eyes Splash (Bubbles) - Honey Pump Gloss

I heard so many raves about skin lingerie that I just had to buy it. The eyeshadow I bought is sparkly white color and can act as a base and eyeliner. Will get the other five when I have the money.

Three limited edition items came out also (As corrected by Plue). I only want to buy this: Majolumina Powder in Puff Golden Sparkle(Just look at the hot pink and black casing. And the puff, oh the puff! *swoons*)

The other two items are: Lash Gorgeous Wing (Brown) - Majolumina Powder in Puff Silver Glitter

Don't wanna get the mascara because it's brown. I only use black. So I might get this one instead:

But after reading Miracle's review. I doubt I will buy it. Somehow the idea of things getting stuck in my eyeball is just not that appealing and what if you are rubbing your cheeks and it leaves a patch of black on you!! Can you imagine how embarrassing that will be?

On another note, I also received my Relian Mascara!! Excited cause I can finally do my review of both Relian & Flamingo Mascara!

To those who are following my blog: BIG SLOPPY KISS TO SHOW MY APPRECIATION. Haha. Drop a comment (petticoats) to let me know what you think of the new collection by Majolica Majorca!


hm... those aren't new anymore. It was suppose to be Xmas 2008 collection. But as long as it's new, who cares?

The mascara I somewhat I would say, um, there's more -ve reviews than +ve ones.

I rather stick with my Lash Expander Neo anytime, but sadly it's DC :( I hope the latest Lash Expander Frame Plus is as good! :)
ohmypetticoat said…
Plue: Oh really? Malaysia is so behind then. >< Is it out in KL? Don't you just hate it when they've discontinued the best items? Sheesh.

Do let me know how Lash Expander Frame Plus turns out for you. Have you tried LASH ENAMEL GLAMOUR NEO?

Oh yeah I went to check out the Maybelline counter as soon as I read your post about the mineral makeup but sadly, it's not here in Sarawak yet. =<
Yeap! Out in KL. :)

I have not tried Lash Enamel Glamour Neo. Never fancy much volume for my lashes as I think my lashes are thick enuff :P And I heard it was a lil clumpy. >_<

East Msia take a bit of time to get new stuff, so I'm sure it'll be there soon...
Cris said…
I'm in Europe, and I almost always love the way Asian brands package their stuff. So pretty, why can't we get similar ones :(?
I like the shadows and silver glitter :).
ohmypetticoat said…
Plue: Ah lucky for those who live in KL. MJ's mascaras all sound really disappointing. Heck yeah, East M'sia is slow...

Cris: The grass is always greener on the other side. I've always wanted to visit Europe and most of the big Western brands are from Europe. Have you tried buying the items from Ebay or Gmarket?
Cris said…
I can't shop online XD >:-). The only thing I can do is swap.
And true...I've wanted to visit Asia :). Not all 'big' brands are European though...And I hate it when mid-range North American brands (Clinique, MAC, Stila etc.) are overpriced here to seem high-end. It isn't fair >:-/.
ohmypetticoat said…
Cris: How come you can't shop online? Maybe we can swap items sometimes!!~ Asia is fun to travel too like Thailand, Bali and China. Haha, you and me both. I hate paying for ridiculous mark up prices. But too bad all the warehouse sales are in the big city.
LyNn said…
cant wait for the relian and flamingo mascara review as well.
seen how connie loved her flamingo
feel like buying but not sure of it.

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