ZA Dewy Effect

Dewy Effect Lotion

Replenishes your skin with plenty of moisture for silky, soft, touchable skin.

This was included in the travel pack along with the Emulsion and Eye Gel. The travel pack can last a fairly reasonable amount of time.

I don't really find this product amazing. It is just absolutely average. You won't be missing something great if you didn't buy this lotion. It acts as a toner so you use it after your cleanser. According to the directions you just have to smooth an appropriate amount over the face with a patting motion.

If you have extremely dry skin then I would suggest that you don't use this. I have other toners that work better than this one.

Dewy Effect Emulsion

Melts into your skin with a dewy sensation to lock in plenty of moisture for hours on end.

This emulsion is the less heavy version of the creamy gel. I used this as my day moisturizer because I don't wanna blot every few minutes. It is light enough for summer use but not adequate when used in winter because your skin would hate you for it.

Nothing to rave about either. Just an average day moisturizer for me and since it does not have SPF it means that I have to layer on sunscreen.

Dewy Effect Creamy Gel

Melts into your skin with a dewy sensation to lock in plenty of moisture for hours on end.
I finally finished this moisturizer! YES! *punches fist in the air* It's quite amazing since I'm the sort of girl that can never finish the product she is using cause too many products calling out my name to go and try them.

Anyways, this is the only product out of this line that was full sized. Lasted me about two and a half months. For other girls, it might last more because I always more than the amount required for two reasons. One being that I want to finish it faster the other is because I have this mentality that more is good.

The texture is stuck between creamy and gel-ish, hence the name. Not too heavy nor too light. It sinks in pretty fast but enough time to smooth it into the areas you want. No oily feeling either. This is perfectly suitable for those of us who sleeps in air con room. Honestly, after a few days of using this, I can't stop touching my skin cause it is suuuuuuuper soft and smooth. Like a plump baby's bottom.

The packaging is in a nice heavy glass jar with a screw type cap. I use a spatula to dig the contents out for fear of contaminating it with my fingers. But make sure the spatula is clean too. Personally I think this is the star product out of this line.

Dewy Effect Creamy Eye Gel

Blends in gently with the skin around your eyes,keeping your skin smooth and soft for hours on end.

What I like about this product is the packaging. I like slim squeeze tube. But this item does nothing else but moisturize your eye areas only. So if you're looking for an eye product that reduce wrinkles/puffiness/dark circles then this is not the product you're looking for.

I like to keep my eye gel in the fridge so when you put it on, it'll have an icy sensation and it can really brighten up tired eyes, especially if you have been crying. According to the SA, it won't give you any milia seeds. I haven't tried it long enough to vouch for it.

All in all, an "okay" line. My skin did become plump and dewy but I would credit that to the creamy gel only because when I was putting on the lotion + emulsion it felt like my skin was dying of thirst. Give the rest a miss but you can try out the creamy gel.


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