ZA Essential Liquid Wash

Works to remove impurities and dead horny cells effectively while keeping moisture locked in with its rich, fine-grained lather of minerals. An exquisite, silky-smooth finish is yours as the skin is covered with a veil of moisture after the cleanser has been rinsed away. A must-buy for those who are bothered by dryness.

I bought this product because of the packaging and it was on sale! I know it's nothing fancy or cute but the simplicity and bottle-ish packaging called out to me. The all white and blue font looked really good in my bathroom. But it would had been better if this product came with a pump because it was hard to control the content that came out.

When you're using this product make sure that you only tip the bottle a little because it is liquid though a bit more viscous than water. It comes out clear and you only need a little bit of this product goes a long way. It also lathers really nicely and when you put the lather to your face it feels really soft. It's not kidding about the "fine grained" part.

Actually ZA cleansers are all pretty good. I was suffering from dry skin when I came back from my holiday. This and the ZA Dewy Effect Creamy Gel improved my skin a lot. After washing your face, you can feel the smoothness with your hands. As for the "veil of moisture", I can honestly feel it. Felt like a shield was protecting my skin from other stuff. It also claimed to clean pores, but there were still lots of blackheads and whiteheads. SA also told me that this cleanser is adequate enough if you're wearing ligth make up.

Excellent for dry skin. Makes other products such as toner + moisturizer + serum absorb better. Buy it if silky smooth skin is your wish. ^^ Should delete the word "horny" from its description. Haha.


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