ZA Vitamin Lip SPF26 PA+++

Safeguards delicate lips from harmful UV rays. Moisturizes while correcting dullness and uneven coloration due to pigmentation.


Common lip balm twisty type. Looks very "medicinal" because of the white color.

Waxy like all lip balms. Color is light yellow. Non greasy when applied on lips.

What I really love about this sunscreen is the added SPF and PA protection. It means that your lips along with the rest of your skin is getting sun protection - provided you did applied sunscreen on your face.

I was suffering from dry and chapped lips but after using this a few days, my lips improved a lot. What I don't like is the taste. I have no idea what it tastes like but it just tasted artificial. Just make sure you don't lick your lips while using this. It can also work as your lip base before you put on lipstick or lip gloss.

Cheap multi-purpose lip balm. One of the rare lip balms that provide sun protection while working as a lip base. Conditions lips really well. But may not be adequate for extremely dry and chapped lips.


hello! :D

i had this, used about 2 tubes and then i never went back. while i like the SPF protection, but it taste sour/ citrus-y, which i dun like. :(

but other than that, it's pretty. we hardly have any lipbalm with SPF, right? maybe i shud use this again... :P

and ur blog is lovely!
ohmypetticoat said…
Plue: I can never finish my lip balm ><. Too many other brands to try. Nivea has one that gives sun protection.

Thanks. I do try to keep my blog as pretty and neat as possible. Haha.

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