Assignments! Assignments! FLY AWAY!~

This is what I should be doing:

This is what I'm doing:

I'm trying to level my baby fox so we can go hunt demons together. Don't let the cuteness fool you. It turns ugly and fierce when in battle. The second pic is of an Mandarin online forum selling everything under the sun but my main interest is trying to score as many cheap BB creams as possible.
*If you would like to try BB cream (It's amazing, I tell you), I'm giving out free samples. Just have to pay for the postage. Leave me a comment ya.

And if you see an increase in blog posts, then you know I'm trying to get away from assignments. Honestly, I would actually do
everything but the actual assignment. I believe we have a word for it in the English dictionary - procrastination.

pro-cras-ti-nate[proh-kras-tuh-neyt]: (1) used without object - to defer action/delay (2) used with object - to put off another time or day; delay; defer
Is it just me or does explanation (1) & (2) both means the same thing? Pah, dictionary (! Waiting for friends to come to the house so we can write the assignment together. Three heads are always better than one... in most cases. In this case, they would probably raid my make up room (Yes, I have a room specially to put my make up and clothes in) and we end up doing nothing other than talk about make up.

And do you know who would come to save me from my assignments in the end?


Look! Just look at it! It looks fake I know! But I think it's real. Okay stop looking at it now. It gets freaky after a while. I wish I have a kitty. =<>


Cris said…
I'm a worse procrastinator than you :-P...Took me almost a month to send out my first swap >:-).
Good luck with getting through all your assignments ;D...
ohmypetticoat said…
Thanks. I really need all the luck I can get! Good luck to you know...for the contests. ^^

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