Power of Photoshop *RAWR*

I have decided to change my Blog title cause I want readers to know that I can be quite bitchy some times. But I am generally nice to those who are nice to me. But be prepare to receive a ton of shit if you treat me like crap.

  • I do swear but it's not like every one of my sentence ends with WTF?.
  • I do get angry. Heck, I have the worst temper.
  • I do have hate in my life and people who are always happy and have "I LOVE THE WORLD" attitude totally freak the hell out of me, not to mention it's annoying as well.
  • I know I'm probably gonna lose a lot of readers/ get a lot of negative comments over this change.

BUT...I won't pretend to be nice and this blog will still be mainly about cosmetics and skincare review although I think that random posts are outnumbering reviews already.

I have prepared something to make girls feel good about themselves.

WARNING: Not for the weak or easily enraged. Some pictures might induced you to feel like you must punch something.

Oohh, let me electrify you with twinkling eyes and luscious lips!

The boyfriend thinks this one is funny --> *below*

Instant slimmer face and glowing skin! Every girls' dream.

I am such a manga/anime wannabe! Ooohhh yeeeaah call me "kawaii-desu".

Where the hell did the other girl come from? *cues X-File music*

Unleashing the geisha (read:whore) in me.*Ignore my skewed lips*

Wishing very hard to be who I am not.

Let's attract guys by putting the fake me on Facebook!

The next Jolin-Tsai.

What? How dare you say I look like a monkey? I'm cute, OKAY?

I am the Princess of Elf, Mandragora! Bow down to me, Little People.

The right side is the real me! Honest!

Yeah man! I am damn dreamy.

STOP ACTING CUTE ALREADY! Sheesh! I mean, using Photoshop to smoothen your skin or delete an occasional pimple or two is alright but to totally alter your looks? Something is so wrong about that. They should just go for plastic surgery. Oh wait, they probably don't have the moolah for that.

On another note:

30/3 Consumer Behavior Mid Term Exam 25%
31/3 Retail Marketing & Distribution Mid Term Exam 30%
01/4 Environmental in Business Seminar Presentation 20%

For RM&D, we have to read 10 chapters with no tips or hints about what questions are coming out. One word - FUCK.

I promise product reviews will be coming soon. I will write them during my free week so please check back then.

*Be Smart Don't Use Photoshop*


miRaCLe said…
wowww to PS! hahas. :D

all the best for the coming exam! :))
Cris said…
Excuse me, but did Pic 2 actually paint on breasts >:-D? Ridiculous >:-).
But to be honest, I think it's better to go for total photoshopping than plastic surgery.

Exams yay...Oh well, I'm gonna do what I can to help - which is this >:-)...

"More good luck for you ^^."

Lol XD.
Audrie said…
haha NICE photoshop skills!! I wish I could make myself look super kawaii like that...I suck at photoshop though :/
Iyah said…
Don't worry, once you get established here in the blogger community and get to know lots of blogger girls, and earn their trust then you can start swapping :)

WOW! photoshop is cool! never tried it before. I wonder if I can look "kawaii" as well.. ahaha
Lisa said…
@miRaCle: Alright, thanks! I hope I do well too. Update your blog, girl.

@Cris: Yup, she sure did. Thanks for the luck.

@Audrie: Yup me too. Maybe that will explain why I'm lashing out at them? Jealousy, perhaps? Nah...

@Iyah: Heh! I do hope so! Trust me, you are way more kawaii than they ever could be, with or without photoshop.
✿Ji✿ said…
Holy s*** that´s the magic of PS!xD
I´d love to play with PS, but too expenisve and I´m a technology dork!XD
Lisa said…
@✿Ji✿: I'm pretty sure most of the girls here are using the pirated version! Yeah me too but technology and Lisa don't go too well together.

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