Puke Girl

MCQ time!

Why is Lisa not a happy camper today?

A) She was up till 1am cleaning puke off the car's seats and carpets.
B) Her favorite bag and jacket got puke on it.
C) She just spent RM317 on alcohol and then it all became puke.
D) She smells like puke.
E) All of the above.

Scroll down for the correct answer!

And the correct answer is... (E)!

Yup, I am officially the "
Puke Girl"! Other people get title like "Popular Girl"/"Smart Girl"/"Rich Girl" and what do I get?


Look up to the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! It's... It's... It's...Oh, it's just you, "Puke Girl".


And then, everyone scuttles away.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh your head off. No no, don't stifle it. I wouldn't want anyone to explode. Actually, no, go ahead and explode then I can call you "Exploding Girl" and you can be my sidekick.

And we shall rule the world together. You by exploding and me by... being pretty.

P/S: Thanks to Yumeko and Cris for almost making me not minding being call "Puke Girl".


oh u poor thing
drink more waterrrrr!!!
ohmypetticoat said…
Yumeko: Thanks. But I wasn't the one who puked. It was my boyfriend. >< Heh.
ning * star said…
hihi... how are u?
hope u be happy soon <3
Cris said…
Lol I'd like to be Exploding Girl :-P.
And...Me? How?
I'm still happy about that though :).
Wait...Should I be?
ning * star said…
thanks for dropping by

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