Still Alive

I know I haven't been blogging much. It's just that:
  1. Procrastination is never my good friend.
  2. As much as I hope, assignments do not finish themselves.
  3. My room is still messy.
I'm not sure what reasons number 3 has to do with why I haven't been posting but I just feel like telling the world. So there you go, world.

But I did managed to play with my new stuff including
Shills 5 in 1 EGF Spray Foundation and Osis+ Dust It and Relian Mascara. During this time, I keep on glancing at my computer to see whether my assignment is magically writing itself. Sadly, it's not. Maybe I should wear my red shoes and click them together 3 times while chanting "Oh, ye great Assignment God! Please show me your power!" or maybe I should just stop acting crazy.

Nah... acting crazy* is more fun. (*in moderation)

Anyways, let me present to you my first FOTD! [Face of the Day]

I know I look like I'm sad but that's just how my eyes are. All wonky and stuff. And no, I did not go for lip collagen injection. Again, it's all in the genes, baby. I really hate my hair right now cause it's straight... why yeah, of course it's straight since I straigthened it. I miss my permed hair.

I tried smiling in my photos but it just made me look like an idiot. A pretty idiot. A sad blank face is the lesser of the two evils if compared to a smiling village idiot. Agree?

Now leave a comment to tell me how pretty I am.

P/S: Can anyone please tell me how to add frames/borders for my photos?


ah u arent pretty! u are gorgeous sweetie! i loooove ur lips! jealous! and u have big eyes tooo!
still jealous!!!

i cant wait to see how u find the osis powder!
Cris said…
I agree ;). I have the same problem, smiling makes me look retarded >:-). So I don't :-P.
And you're incredibly pretty :-P :).
[Reading other people's blogs kinda makes me feel ugly...I am so not photogenic! Oh well.]
Grace said…
wow u've changed so much!! hehe
plz enlarge the foto next time
and maybe take a pic of ur WHOLE face
i wanna see u more clearly!! hahaha
how long havnt we seen each other??
4 yrs?
i cant rmb lol...
but u'r still pretty as~

xoxo Graceeee

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