I have a dilemma. You see, I'm going to buy this bag:

But I can't, for the life of me, choose what color I want!

Should I get the black one:

Or should I get the pink one?

The black one is my first choice cause black is an extremely versatile color. You can wear any color clothing and it will match! But right now I'm revamping my wardrobe and I'm going through this phase where all my clothes that I have/am going to buy are either in black or white color so black bag + black clothes = can't see anything. What should I do?

Please leave a comment which color you think I should get and why. It would be a great help to me.


miRaCLe said…
woots! I spot a girl using the pink one at Vivocity today! hahas. yes! it caught my eyes :p

pretty pink... but I would buy black still if i were you~ coz I'm very careless and my bag get stains easily! especially jeans! hate it :(
but it's just me! :p

hope you can make up your mind! ^^
Cris said…
I love ALL of them except the black one, lol.
So my opinion would be: get the pink one :).
A nice black bag's quite easy to find...A nice pastel one, not so much :-P. So get the pink one ^_^!!!
ning * star said…
i think pink color one looks really cute and girlie.
lol, our parents tend to be protective and they came up with all these funny idea. haha
prettybeautiful said…
what abt gold or red? ;)

tho personally i prefer pink. hehehe
gio said…
That's a hard choice. I love black bags cos I can wear them with anything. But the pink bag has really caught my eye, it's gorgeous! So, personally I'd go with the pink one.
miRaCLe said…
hi Lisa!! ^^
GSS 2009 start from 29 May to 26 July! :D

I got my Bioderma stuffs from Paragon's Guardian. The SA moves about between a few Guardians' outlet... So you gotta contact her to ask about her exact location before you go down :)
let me know if you need her number! ^^ hmmm... Malaysia doesn't have any Bioderma products??
♥sormui♥ said…
black! its a classic and u can match black with NETHING!! even with pinks!

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