First Award

I got my first award from the lovely Cris: The Friendship Award!

The rules:
1. Take your award here *checked*
2. Put the logo on your post *checked*
3. Link the person who awarded you *checked*
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers *checked*
5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours *checked*
6. Leave a message for your nominees *checked*

Thanks Cris! This really made my day...or night when I was reading the post.

7 Bloggers: (because I don't really know that many people and most of the well known ones were given the award already)
1. Huei Yin (My best friend! in the whole wide world. Head over to her blog for some awesome art and thought provoking but megaly cool ideas)
2. Grace (My another best friend! She's really into fashion.)
3. Miracle (Haven't met her yet but she's really friendly!)
4. Plue (Always there to give advice and reviews on beauty stuff :) Plus she's really really nice)
5. Yumeko (Just cause she said I'm pretty. Yeah, I'm easy like that. )

I can't think of anymore... I want to give it back to Cris but is that allowed? And I was going to give it to Nikki and SongLing too but they've got it as well. *sigh* I really need to go and make more blogger friends huh? (and leave more comments)

I forgot about Jenn! The lipglosseater shall get spot number 6.

6. Jenn (She's really cute! and you can tell she's one of those sincere kinda person which is really rare. I don't mind to get to know her better.)

Oh I know, I've been reading a blog written by a dog named Belle. I'm giving it to her too cause her short notes about her life are really refreshing and light :) Here you go Belle, you got spot number 7.
7. Belle the Dog (You know what they say about dogs...)

Phew, that's all folks. I gotta go take a shower. Sweating like a pig...does it sweat?


Yumeko said…
hee thank you
but u are pretty!
Jenn said…
Awww... thank you for picking me! I'm really flattered! :D

I don't think i'll tag anyone lah, since i almost always tag the few same people, and they might just boycott me for that!!! hahaha!! XD
miRaCLe said…
awww~~ thanks for the award babe! :D
Blair said…
Hey Lisa, thank you for visiting my blog =D
beeyoutiful7 said…
thank you for the sweet comment !

Congrats to you too!
You deserveeee it as well

Iyah said…
Your blog is so cute! I love all the sweet things in here :D

I'll do an FOTD soon with it :)
Cris said…
Yay :D, you totally deserve this :).
(And sorry for not commenting before :(, I was feeling too sick to blog these past few days :-/. But I'm fine now ^_^.)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the birthday wish! Wow, you're blog is so cute :) I love the banner with the yummy cakes!
✿Ji✿ said…
Congrats on the award!♥

Sorry for not answering for so long!;__;
I actually curled my hair with a straightening iron, it really easy!♥
Blair said…
Hey Lisa,

Yup, I'll review the powder brush as soon as I give it a good wash haha. Right now, it stinks!
Cris said…
Thanks :). I'm fine now but too busy to blog, lol...Will definitely blog this weekend though, & will do my best to manage some before that ;).
I'd love to swap with you :D, but I don't have that many things left :(. Still, the 'Click here if you'd like to swap with me!' link on the right side of my blog links to my Make-Up Alley account - if you like anything you see there, let me know ;).
aileen said…
Hey girl!
thanks for ur sweet comment :p
omg, I love the bagggs u have down there!!! which one did you finaly bought then? :D
Lulu said…
Hi girl! Thanks for visiting my blog :) To answer your question about the Silk Whitia masks, I think the effect is longer lasting than most of the masks I've used, personally I think the purpose of the mask is to help you see some what of an immediate effect and SW is excellent for that. I'd say it lasted until the next day, my complexion brightened up for the whole day. But I think you'd need to continue to use it to see longer lasting effects, but I only had one, haha. The mask did indicate that it's okay for daily use. I want to buy more from Sasa soon :)

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