Fried...& Mini Review

Sorry for the lack of posts. :( Was fighting off a fever and stressing about the assignments. Normal blogging will resume after next week. No sleep tonight cause friends coming for a sleepover. Tomorrow going to facial and IPL session.

This is how my brain feels with all the assignments:

*Taken from Cracked website. Go to the website to see a bigger version of the comic.

I'll end this post with a mini review:

Vichy Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care 50ml

Skin Type: Tested on sensitive acne-prone skin. Non-comedogenic.

Action: Transforms the skin in 4 weeks. Blemishes resorbed, texture and tone restabilized, specific pore anti recurrence action

Result: Epidermis instantly refined: shiny patches absorbed, redness viisbly reduced, epidermis hydrated. After 4 weeks, the complexion is visibly transformed and rediscovers the texture and comfort of healthy looking skin: excess sebum controlled, complexion and surface texture unified, imperfections look reduced. 2 week anti-recurrence action on pores.

Container: Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care - 50ml - airless pump bottle

*All taken from Vichy's UK website.

Comes in pump bottle - very hygienic. One pump is enough for the whole face. The smell is really pleasant :) It reminds me of my sisters cause they both are using/used this product. I got mine from big sister. Texture wise, it's really runny and spreads very well. Color is white.

I really love this product. It smells nice and relaxing. Dries quickly to a non greasy matte finish and when you touch your skin, oh, the softness of it. Acts as a make up base. Keeps your face shine free and the face doesn't get oily so quicky. This product is especially great for hot and humid countries! I don't really have any gripes about the product. I haven't tried it out for the recommended period to see results so I can't comment on that. But so far it's going great. :)

P/S: Remember when I said I was going to update you guys on the Garnier Mask? Well I couldn't cause a few a days after trying out the mask, I went for a facial so that will kinda skewed the result. I'm sorry.

P/P/S: Go watch the Wolverine movie if you haven't! Hugh Jackman is sooo...."man". *swoons* I know the trend no is more towards skinny metrosexual males but I like my man man! Haha.


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