Lisa 2 Maggots 0 + Stress Reliever

Wow, look at me go. Another post! I did said that I would track my spending with this blog so here I am.

I was quite determined to make my RM100 last as many days as possible and was quite confident that it would at least be enough for this week. Boy, was I wrong (as always).

I was waiting for my next class at 12PM while on the phone with the boyfriend and he told me that our house was infested with maggots (again!). So I told him to come pick me up cause he was too pussy to clean up the mess. Granted, it was disgusting. We drove straight to the supermarket to pick up some essentials on annihilating the maggots such as sprays, mothballs, dettol and those mosquitoes rings thingy which cost me around RM38+ including boyfriend's drink.

Then when I got home, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least I didn't gagged like last time. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed until I was satisfied the whole floor was covered with pesticide. Then I lit the mosquitoes ring thingy to smoke out the little bastards. After that, I pounded the mothballs into fine powder and spread it around the floor.

Thinking all these will be enough, I cleaned up myself and googled "how to kill maggots". One sentence: should have googled before I've sprayed cause apparently bug sprays doesn't kill them!* Shit... I went to boil some water and poured it onto the floor with dettol. Now, the house smelled like... bug sprays, dettol and smoke. I should be dead or at least coughing my lungs out but I'm not.

*One would think that having been through this experience already, I would know how to kill maggots. The first time was in Singapore.

I being too pussy to take care of the now dead maggots, the boyfriend offered to clean up the last remaining mess seeing as how I did the killing. But I wouldn't let him do it (see, I am not mean to him - why do people always say I torture him?) so I called the cleaner which is going to cost me another RM50. Meaning I only have around... RM10 left.

*The cleaner was here till 11:30PM. I told her to come every fortnight now and I got a pretty good deal out of it.

Great Lisa, just great. The boyfriend is basically paying for all my lunch plus dinner (if not going over to parent's house) and I still owe him RM123. I found out that The Body Shop is having their annual sale... with items going up to 70% off. The Skin Food is also opening! Someone, Good news is that TM Net is giving out dividend today. I should really get a job huh?

Anywhos, I'm organising a contest soon.

Since, a lot of people are going to have their exams (including myself) , gonna leave you guys with this e-mail I got ages ago.

*The picture should move. If it doesn't move please let it load.
New schoold semester:
user posted image
At the first week:
user posted image
At the second week:
user posted image
Before the mid-term test:
user posted image
During the mid-term test:
user posted image
After the mid-term test:
user posted image
Before the final exam:
user posted image
Once know the final exam schedule:
user posted image
7 days before final exam:
user posted image
6 days before final exam:
user posted image
5 days before final exam:
user posted image
4 days before final exam:
user posted image
3 days before final exam:
user posted image
2 days before final exam:
user posted image
1 day before final exam:
user posted image
A night before final exam:
user posted image
1 hour before final exam:
user posted image
During the final exam:
user posted image
Once walk out from the exam hall:
user posted image
After the final exam, during the holiday:
user posted image

Ever feel like this?


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said…
omg maggots!! i think i might have fainted *_* thanks for following!
Iyah said…
hahahahha!! OMG that is the cutest ever!!! ahahah! I can't help but laugh so hard!!! ahahahh!

I def felt the pain!! Sheeesh I thought I was getting crazy!
ning * star said…
the icons are cute, can i copy some??
Cris said…
Oh God, unpleasant :(...
Horrible way to spend money indeed.
Blair said…
I would have died if I saw maggots... ICKS!!! You are so brave!!!

Here's the LUSH page on international shipping.
Pop Champagne said…
haha love the animation. Omg maggots?! I'd be too scared to deal with it as well! Eeek!
Blair said…
Hmmm it's been a long time since I last used fingers instead of brushes for BB creams. I'll have to use my fingers again and tell you my results soon hahaha
prettybeautiful said…
eeeeeeeeeeeee maggots! i can faint on the spot omg! im excited about the TBS sale already!!!
✿Ji✿ said…
Haha the moving pictures is SO me, I have the exact same scheme before finals!xD

I`m really sorry that I always take so long for answering!>///<
I`m working on a curling tutorial, baer with me a little longer!;)

Jenn said…
oh no maggots! you're so brave, i wouldn't know what to do... I'd be scared sh*tless. anyway the exams thing is real cute, "at second week" is how i feel most of the time up until the day before the exam.
beeyoutiful7 said…
those little icons are super cute =)
熊貓girl said…
wow you're blog is cute ^^ i love the animations.. so true ><
miRaCLe said…
Amazed by your bravery for killing maggots!! :D
My kitchen had it once! Luckily my housemate (guy) was being very responsible (he forgot to clear the foods remaining near the sink =.=) and clear away the maggot. LOL. XD

LOL at the animation~~~ and totally AGREE!!! hahahahas. Looking at it and can't help but to feel "WOW!so familiar" :X
I guess most students nowadays have this syndrome :p

ALL THE BEST for your exam!! ^^
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