First, I want to thank everyone for leaving consoling comments regarding my lost phone and to smiley13tree for posting up the Bath Cookie recipe I've requested. Will try it out once I've hunt down all the ingredients.

Now, remember about Project 10 Pan from my previous post? *scratches head* Yeah, that didn't worked out ... not as well as I would have hoped. When I wrote that post it was on Thursday? and now it's Monday and I bought more stuff. Someone please give me a slap to wake me up. Need to fatten my wallet up again. I was hoping I could get a part time job at my dad's company but the company doesn't need anyone right now. Oh well... right now I could only pray that my stock/unit trust will earn me more money.

Random note: I lost my phone right? And the last 4 digit of my phone number is 0310 and guess what? It was the top prize for the lottery ticket. Damn...

These are some of the stuff I've bought. Not pictured here are 2 Lotion Mate Massager (review will be coming right up), a cardigan, boots/shoes, shorts, clothes and other miscelleaneous items cause I can't fit them into one photo. I bought lots of lotions for my legs and am currently in a shaping craze cause I can't stand to see the fat me in the mirror.

I gotta get rid of the hoarding habit. Most of the time I'll buy two of everything cause I like to know that I have back up. This is fine if I used up the products... But I never do. Does anyone has/used to have the same habit? The only way for me to stop spending is to stop going to the mall. I did quite well a few months back cause I was lazy to go out and so no shopping. No mall = fat wallet = happy Lisa.

Watched Star Trek today. Not bad, not bad at all. I really thought I was going to hate it cause it's Sci-Fi and all. Funny thing was I got Star Trek mixed up with Star Wars. Yeah, how smart am I? I'm thinking of tracking my spending with this blog so I can actually see where my money is going. Anyone ever has this experience whereby you remember you have a lot of money and by the end of the week, it's almost all gone and you think to youself "Where the heck did all the money went?". I used to track my purchases but it got so stressful cause when disceprancies came up, I'll wonder my ass/sleep off even if it was just 10 or 50 cents.

Off to bed now. Neck is killing me. Gotta make that massage appointment soon.



Cris said…
I'm so sorry about your phone :(! Broke mine a few months ago & I still need to buy a new one >:-/. (I'm using my old Sony Ericsson Z1010 now, but its camera sucks...I borrow my sister's phone for blogging.)

I never buy back-ups XD! My reasoning: by the time I use up a whole product (if I ever do, lol), something better will have been invented ;).
Traclyn Yeoh said…
I think I saw Watsons Nail polish remover? I don't really like them. It takes ages to remove for me. Anyways great hauls!
miRaCLe said…
wow! that's a big haul!! :D
i guess we gurls just can't stop shopping! "born to shop"!! hahas :p
i know exactly what you mean in this post! :))

and i also think that i like to spend my money on those little stuffs that I never know will add up to such a big sum~ LOL. *faint*
Blair said…
I'm so sorry to hear your phone got stolen!!!

I have the same purple body gloves! You got it from Guardian right heee~

Are those tubes from Skineeds? No idea what they are though..

I dunno, I feel that LUSH is more expensive in the US compared to the UK. It's a pity I didn't really appreciate LUSH when I was in the UK~

I wish I can send you some tong sui to cheer you up, but I can't, so I'm sending some cyber hugs and kisses!!!

Hope you're feeling better! Muahh!
prettybeautiful said…
ok...thts a big haul! i sometimes do buy stuff in 2, hehe knowing or without whether they work for me or not. btw, last time when my purse got stolen, my IC came up first prize the next day! and stupid me, had no 6th sense at all.

Jenn said…
Thanks for commenting on the shoes and letting me know that the mini kit is for skincare stuff.. it makes so much sense! btw i'll be following you :)
Pop Champagne said…
wow you bought a lot of stuff! And to your question of "where did my money go?!" I pretty much experience that every time I hit the bar/club and wake up the next day with a giant hang over LOL it sucks not being aware of your spending habits! :(
ning * star said…
wo, nice haul... a lot items!
♡ Nic Nic ♡ said…
thats a huge hauL! thanks for commenting :)

sorry to hear about your phone :(
LyNn said…
your pics are pretty small huh?
cant enlarge them :(
cant really see what you bought :(

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