Technology Hates Me

I lost my (read: the boyfriend's) phone. *mopes* It was a Nokia 6300. Worse is, I have no idea how I lost it. I remember I still had it with my in class cause Janet was asking what I was doing. The when I went home *poof* gone, just like all that. Some fucker must have took it out of my bag when I wasn't looking. Served me right for not closing my bag everytime.

R.I.P A moment of silence for my phone. God knows where it is now, The fucker who took it better loves it as much as I did. I know it's just a phone and an old model but still... Honestly, these things keep on happening to me. This is the second time I've lost a phone given to me by the boyfriend. Then there is a time when soup got into my HP PDA. Then, my first NDSL broke after like... 3 weeks. Sheesh. Is like I'm cursed or something. The boyfriend was really nice about the whole situation. I really thought he will start lecturing me again.

Moving on to a happier note now. I'm going on a holiday to Penang, JB and Kuching in July. (They're all in Malaysia) Penang to visit my friend, JB to visit the two sisters and Kuching to celebrate Grandmama's birthday. I am going with Summer. So expect holiday pics after July.

Other than that, I've been spending a little too much this month cause of Mother's Day, new shops opening and eating in too many restaurants...So after reading a few blogs, I found out about "Project 10 Pan". Basically, you have to finish 10 products before you can buy a new one. Sounds better than my "no more shopping until I finish all my products", yeah how realistic is that? Could probably take me a few years to finish them all. But I'm going to change the project to "finish 10 products then you can buy one set of cosmetics/skincare/haircare/bodycare of your choice".

I was suppose to go to the mall today with Summer but after losing my phone I lost the mood and not to mention I don't want to spend any more money after losing my phone. Still have to pay for the IPL sessions which will cost me a few grands. *sigh* But things have a habit of working itself out for me. :)

I was actually quite worried about where I am going to find the money to spend on my holiday cause it's self paid and all that. But my dad came to the rescue! No, he didn't give me any money. He just told me that my stock portfolio is doing quite well and I've earned a quite a decent amount from that. Which was enough to make me forget about the phone... for a while. After that, I started to mope again. *mopes mopes mopes*

Yeah, sorry about the lack of photos. My camera is kinda broken (see, I told you technology hates me!). Photos of the things I've bought these past few weeks and my stash will be up soon... most probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


Yumeko said…
damm sorry to hear abt ur phone!
but at least ur stock is doing well!!
♥sormui♥ said…
awww sorry to hear about ur phone! I hate it when i lose things too :( its such a bummer!

Yah i heard of that Queen Mint mask too! but they dont sell that in canada?? >< I really wanted to try it cuz i heard its cheap and SUPER GOOD!
Iyah said…
OMGosh! I'm so sorry about your phone. I am so careless with mine. I always drop it :(
miRaCLe said…
aww :( don't be sad! I also used to misplaced my phones and never zip my bag! T.T lost my wallet 2 times due to that! :( but we can always change those bad habit away!! jiayou!! ^^

Cheer up!! :D
smiley13tree said…
I think project 10 pan is to insane for me. XD

that REALLY sucks about your phone. that happened to my ipod video too. it has taught to me be a lot more careful but better safe than sorry.

oh and btw, i posted the recipe you requested. :] i hope you like it!
Anonymous said…
Aw, don't feel so down, I lost my phone too and I still miss it :( It was a Blackberry. It didn't matter to me that it was expensive, but I lost all my contacts and pictures and friends' pictures on there ;_; Ah well. Me and the boyfriend spent hours late at night just looking for it. It really touched me how diligently he looked for my phone. So I felt better afterwards :) Wow IPL sessions are expensive. I'm worrying about my hospital bills cos I got sick recently. Hmm, and I know I shouldn't haul but I still do. I can totally relate to how you're feeling now ;_; (hugs)

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