Guess who's back? Back again. Lisa's back. Tell a friend.

Hehe. Yup, exams all finished. So happy.

To kick start this post, I received an award from the lovely Lynn from 101 Compiled Beauty:

The Adorable Blog Award

Thanks Lynn!

As usual, there were a few rules but since this award was given to me a long time ago, I'm pretty sure a lot of people received it already but that doesn't mean I don't appreaciate it. :)

Anyways, I'll be on vacation from 6th July onwards.

I have many reviews coming up soon, mostly about skincare. So yeah...stay, don't go.


miRaCLe said…
enjoy your vacation!

Cris said…
Yay ^_^!
Have a nice vacation ;D :).
LyNn said…
you're most welcome :)
have fun

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