5 Giveaways + 2 Contests = Whole Lot of Goodies

For those who have visited my blog will know that I have a little section in right sidebar that is dedicated to the contests and giveaways that are currently happening in the beauty blogosphere. :) For those who don't know, now it's the time to check it out. If there's more contests and giveaways that you know of but aren't listed, please tell me and I'll gladly add it in.

Anyways, this post will be about the contests and giveaways in details. It might motivate bloggers to join the contests and giveaways more if they know what are the prizes. 

Mona's Giveaway will end on the 28th of August. Check out her prize:
For the first prize, it's a lovely handmade bracelet with little hearts and crown details. 
For the second prize, it's a gold chain dainty necklace also with little heart and crown details.
The materials, I'm sure, will be the utmost quality. So what do you need to do to get your hands on one of these two lovely jewelery? 

Get your butt over to her website by clicking *here*, leave her a comment about your favorite metal and be her follower. If you have a blog, hook her up and you might just get one of these two!

Blair's 150 Followers Giveaway ends on 31st August (Malaysia's Independence Day, not that it's anything to be happy about cause I absolutely abhor my country.)

I am absolutely excited about this giveaway cause one of the many prizes in there is Shiseido Maquillage Concealer Stick EX! which after reading Blair's review (*here*), the product became one of my must get list once I have $$. 
Can you spot the concealer? There are lots of other brands as well such as Elizabeth Arden, Shu Uemura, Dr. Jart+, Missha, The Skin Food and a Swarovski bracelet which is so cute!

Click *here* to enter the giveaway! Follow her blog (you won't regret it cause she's so informative and always leave nice comments :), leave a comment telling her about yourself and what you like about her blog and on how she can improve it. Then, to double your chance, write a post about her giveaway and leave another comment.

Mrs. Dumpling (cute name huh?) 10 Followers Giveaway ends on 5th September. Guess what caught my eye?
Yup, it's The Body Shop Blush in Blushing Daisies. Never knew daisies can blush. Alright, cold and lame joke aside... isn't the blush just beautiful? There are also ELF lashies, a mask and a Revlon lippy! Really generous for a giveaway for 10 followers which will probably increase once this contest ends!

So, you know the drill. Click *here* to enter this giveaway. Be a follower, leave a comment on your most favorite ice cream flavor! no matter how outrageous or wacky and double your chances by advertising her giveaway! 

Think your got a talent in nail art-ing? Then you must join Illamasqua's Nail Art Competition which ends on the 6th September

This competition is more than just luck! So you really have to use that brain of yours. It's not as scary as it sounds, just submit up to 3 different looks either via YouTube/blog posts and leave a comment on your inspirations and where your photos are! 

No picture of the prizes but it's utterly fabulous. For all the entries, Sophy Robson will be the judge so even if you don't win the contest, you can tell yourself that a great guru have viewed your work. For first prize, you can 2 brand new Autumn Winter collection nail varnishes and a choice of 2 products from their core range and for 2 runners up you can win 3  varnishes from their core range so that means there are a total of 10 nail varnishes up for grabs!

Clickity click *here* to see more details and some inspirations. 

Amore Vintage (you know with a shop name like that, the jewelery pieces are going to be elegant!) Giveaway ends on the 13th September
Look at the bevy of goodies. The coin pouch will come in handy. There are some samples as well but the main prizes will be the two absolutely gorgeous necklaces! Up your classiness when you wear them.All jewelery are handmade so you can be sure of the quality. (God, I sound like a sales person)

How to enter? Just be a follower (am I repeating myself?), choose what you think is the prettiest necklaces from her blog shop and leave a comment on your choice and how you came across her blog. You can mention about her giveaway as well but no brownie points for that. Heh.

Her giveaway link is *here*. Click and surf, baby.

May's 50 Followers Giveaway ends on 25th September. If you have been lemming for Paul & Joe Whitening Serum, then you must join!
Yes! You see correctly. On the far left of the picture is a full size Paul & Joe Whitening Serum which has been raved in the beauty blogosphere! I'm keeping my fingers crossed really hard in hopes of winning this baby. Oh, it couldn't hurt that the prize also has MajoMajo eye palette! Word on the beauty street is that it's really pigmented. 

Be her cult follower by moving your arrowhead and click *here*. Then leave a comment about your favorite eye cream or face mask or both and post about the giveaway in your blog. She will love you for that but don't think it'll increase your luck. 

Phew, finally the last one. Spankedelic (the name is so psychedelic...god, I'm getting lamer every passing minute) Favorite Contest ends on 4th October which leaves you plenty of time to mull over your favorite things!

No pictures of the prizes yet but pretty sure Smashbox and MAC products will be in there. Will update once her prizes are final. To see some of your favorite things and to enter the contest, click *here*. Hunt down the followers section and follow her blog, repost her contest on Twitter/blog, ABSOLUTELY (hey, just typing what I see) must add her on Twitter or Myspace (if you have) and tell her what are the 3 makeup items you swear by and finally leave your e-mail address so she can contact you. 

So which contests are you going to join?


Blair said…
Sweetie Lisa!

Thank you for entering and posting my giveaway in your blog =D

You made me so giddy with your super sweet post hehee~

Ooh, another concealer that I really like is MUFE's Full Cover. If I'm not mistaken, it's more expensive than MQ's but it's really worth it! And it's 15ml, 5X more than MQ, so actually it's cheaper. I'd recommend it more than the MQ one =D

Good luck! ^^
mrsdumpling422 said…
Hi! Although I'm very tempted to buy the DSi, I probably will not because it does not play GBA games (I still play once in a while). I also got a new cellphone this month that has the mp3/video/8.1 megapixel functions/internet. I rather spend the $180 on makeup, skincare, or a new handbag. :D
mrsdumpling422 said…
BTW, I tagged you to show what's in your bag. :D
Amanda K said…
Wow so many giveaways going around!

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