Happy Lisa II

The second half of 2009 has been very good to me, technologically-wise, unlike the first half of 2009 where I lost got my phone stolen.
My second sis offered to pay half of the cost of my new phone and I got this:
Photo credit *here*.
It's a cell phone which is shaped like a Hello Kitty's head! Comes in light blue, light pink, black and white. But I got the white one cause it's more "original". Any other color would have been plain wrong. Does whatever any phone can do except that it doesn't have WiFi. It can listen to MP3, take photos and even watch .avi format videos which many phones cannot.
Then, my dad bought me this just 2 weeks ago:
Picture credit *here* and *here*.
It's a HP Mini 110 in Pink Chic and I love it to bits! I've been hunting for a pink mini netbook for ages and this just came at the right time. I was going to buy Sony Vaio P like Yumeko's but when I tested it, the screen was too small and it was kinda laggy so my boyfriend told me to get this since the specs are the same but at 1/2 the price! Sony Vaio P doesn't come in pink either. 

Picture credit *here*.
Dad also got me a new HP LCD Monitor since my Samsung broke down. But I still love my Samsung more cause the design is sleeker. 
And and, I just bought a camera yesterday.

Picture credit *here*.
Panasonic FS 42 in Pink/Rose. My old Sony camera is still working fine but here is a slight "gray" area in the LCD screen so I'm going to give it to parent for use. (I know... I'm a bad daughter) The boyfriend kept on harassing me to buy a Canon one since he thinks Canon is better but the Canon one is a ghastly (hot) pink and Panasonic's specs are much better. It's so light that you barely feel that it's there.
A family group photo of all my pink gadgets will be up soon. :) Now I'm just waiting for a pink NDSi to come out so I can replace it with my worn out pink NDSL. 


Amanda K said…
So many electronic goodies you got there!
Pop Champagne said…
cool love the laptop and the camera you got! I'm jealous, I totally need a new laptop... I swear they make them last for max 3 years with these things so you gotta keep buying them! And good luck with project 10 pan!
✿Ji✿ said…
Whaaa pink electronics are the best!;)
Iyah said…
I want that Pink laptop!! so cute!! I am also in the look for a new camera! :D
Blair said…
Your new gadgets are adorable!!! Me likey a lot =D

Eeep, that's one undesirable anagram! =(

Oooh, I don't mind at all!!! Leave your link as a comment when you post your entry up and I'll add you to the list! I'm looking forward in seeing your exception. Good luck to the both of us! =D
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