Ianti Nose Pack

Has anybody ever heard of the brand, Ianti? It's a Korean brand. Basically apart from the product's name, everything is in Korean.

This is a really shitty nose pack. :(

It's all goopy and hard to spread evenly.
The smell is unpleasant.
Doesn't do anything for my blackheads.

I tried applying it to my whole face avoiding eyes, lips and eyebrow area naturally and when I tried to peel it off...

It ripped out half of my right eyebrow so there's this hole. :( :( :( :( It'll probably take ages to grow. *sniffs*

Works well for removing fine hair but not blackheads so the verdict is...

USELESS!~ Don't buy it.


Blair said…
I have heard of Ianti but I don't own anything from them. Thanks for reviewing the Nose Pack, I'll stay away from it hehee~
LyNn said…
ianti sucks.
i bought their nail polish at a scam.
they told me got 20% then say the price displayed is after 20%.
its like so exp for a bottle of nail polish.
less content samo.
i would at any time go for etude house, elianto and face shop anytime!

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