The Skinfood Chlorella Nose Clear Patch

I got addicted to nose strip ever since I saw the effectiveness of toner + Biore's nose strip.

So I wanted to try some other brand's and The Skinfood it was.


  • It works!~ Although they were still some blackheads left, it could be easily squeezed out with just some gentle pressure. I like it!~ I'm especially happy when I saw all the blackheads on the nose strip. Take that, blackheads!~
  • It doesn't hurt when I peeled it off and it came off nice and clean.
  • I like the shape cause it fitted my nose just right. :)
  • I don't mind the smell. It's kinda like a powdery smell. But people with sensitive nose might find it overwhelming.
  • It costs... RM2.70 for one piece. Biore only cost RM10+ for 10 pieces and Biore worked just as well.
I don't know if it would make the skin around my nose peel cause Biore's did. But I think this is a really gentle nose strip that works really well. :) But I do know that this works way better than Ianti's. I'm still mourning the loss of my eyebrows. I wanna try these next:

The Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack


Daituf said…
You should try the St. Clare nose strip set. I find it works better than regular nose strips.
Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog.
I really like yours too! So I shall follow it :)
Pop Champagne said…
good luck! Shampoo and conditioner always take me forever to finish! :D
LyNn said…
i've tried the black bean one before.
no good. for me that is.
didnt pull out any blackheads or white heads.
but then i had one friend who crazily love it.
you know the skinfood card?
it's almost full and the only thing she buys from skinfood is the black bean nose strip
MiuMiu said…
nice review! i'm soo glad nose strips were invented. i use mine with the hot cleansing gel now and it makes the strips that much more efective
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