ZA Blemish Shoot Lotion Revisited

I did a review for the entire range of ZA Blemish Shoot a while ago and found this lotion mediocre.

So I wanted to quickly finish it and move on to other toners.

You know those little round compressed sheet masks? Well I put them in the bottle cap's round "well" and pour the lotion in and quickly finished the half bottle up is less than a week. :)

And I have to say it worked better as a sheet masks than just dabbing it on your face with a cotton pad.

My skin became softer and smoother.

Previously, when I was using the Biore's black nose strip, NOTHING will ever come out. :( But after using the sheet masks continuously, those pesky blackheads came out with no complain. :)

It also calmed down the redness around my cheeks.

But I will not repurchase this cause... there's always more things to try out, right? :P


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