Bio-Essence Tanaka White Bright White Clarifying Softener

This is Bio-Essence Tanaka White Bright White Clarifying Softener. 


I just finished the whole bottle this morning so it's time for a review.

The bottle came in a silver box with all the description on it.

Product Description:

What it does:


I really wanted to review this after the 2nd week of using it because I think this has HG potential.I rarely declare my products to be HG material. 

Marvelous Efficcacies Check List:

1. Yup, it really does soften my skin really well. Made my skin as soft as a baby's bottom (we all know this is a really overused phrase). Coupled this with my ZA Deep Hydrating Gel, my skin was left plumped in the morning. The best part is the black heads on my nose came out with no problems now.

2. Although I wash my face thorougly and for a good 10 minutes every day and night, there are still some stubborn residue makeup or dirt left and by god, this cleans them out with a vengeance.  

3. This one I really don't have a comment. When I do use it my skin is kinda more even toned and blemishes are less likely to pop out. But it does reduce my redness around the cheek area. 

Other than that it can cool down the skin and it smells really nice. The color is a milky white and it's quite runny. 

A wonderful and marvelous product I would say ^^. Affordable too - retails for less than RM25. When used religiously it does give you satisfactory result. I'm tempted to go buy another bottle since I've finished one up but alas, other toners are calling my name too!~

Sorry that the reviews are still not being posted frequently cause I'm still trying to work out the finer technical workings of my camera. There's still a tag by MrsDumpling that I haven't done yet. =< 

I hope everyone is coming out of their Monday's Blue. :P Have an awesome week to all my readers and dear, dear followers. 


Daituf said…
Interesting... Where can I buy this online?
Daituf said…
I live in Toronto, Canada... any chance they sell it here too?
Anonymous said…
Hey girl~ thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment <=)
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