Giveaways + Contests

For those having bad luck at winning giveaways, don't fret cause there are more chance. ^^ Good luck.

By The Hungry Asian
Ends October 16

By Painted Lady Fingers
Ends October 15

By The Shades of U
 Ends October 9

*Click on the above picture to go to Pop Champagne.

*Click on the above picture to go to Glam, Sparkle and Pop!
By Pop Champagne
Ends November 1


Blair said...

It was raining on and off today... *sighhh*

Pop Champagne said...

I loveee black nail polish! I think it's so chic, but my friends think it's emo LOL whatever! Thanks for your sweet comment :)

Daituf said...

haha, I have bad luck...I never win...
but it's fun to join anyway, and just ogle the prizes...

claire said...

Well, I'm not a winner too but I thought this time maybe ...I love konad (but never got one)and all kind of polishes.

Claire's Blog said...

Well, nothing as usual with the contests I did, let's continue to keep us connected !