Thank you to all who had commented on my last post. I've read through every one of them and felt much better knowing that it will one day be another insignificant memory. But not so insignificant that I didn't learn from the experience. Taking Plue's (from Beauty Up My Life), I've decided to go consult my lecturer. Once again, thanks for reminding me that these kinds of feelings will go away soon enough. ^^ *group hug*

To take my mind of those horrible experiences, I went scouring for new giveaways to share with you all. :) As always, good luck. Lord knows I need some of that. *click on the pictures*

By Aralka's Magical World
Ends October 24th

By SparkleMidori
Ends October 31st

By Stacie
Ends October 13th

By Notes from the Toothfairy
Ends November 8th

By Shifa
Ends October 29th

By Inspired by Meme
Ends October 16th


Blair said…
Lots of giveaways going on!
Aralka said…
Thank you for entering my giveaay ^^
Good Luck!

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