Hottest Female Blogger Award

Lynn (101 Compiled Beauty) passed on an award from me again ^^. Seriously, head over to her blog to discover how megaly awesome she can get.

This time it's the "Hottest Female Blogger Award".

When you've received the award, you have to answer some questions.

1.What books are on your favorite shelf?
Umm, university text books, famous books, investment books and relaxing books?

2. What DVDs are on your favorite shelf?
I don't own any DVDs...

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?
Pass The Bowl and a Chinese cookbook with all my favorite street snacks.

4. Select 1-3 recipes you would cook for your special guests?
Spaghetti, Yakitori and... potato salad!~

5. What will be drinking that's available.
A concoction of Ribena syrup + 7-Up/Sprite.

Thanks again Lynn. ^^


Blair said…
Congrats on the award Lisa!
twinsouls888 said…
Congrats on the award girl ^_^
Shop N' Chomp said…
Yakitori sounds fab right about now. *drools* Congrats on your award :)
Pop Champagne said…
hahaha your book answer would be the same as my book answer too, given that university books are soo expensive how can you buy other books other than textbooks!?!? lol. and thanks for posting my giveaway :)
mrsdumpling422 said…
the drink sounds so interesting! maybe cuz i love ribena!

borscht is basically a beet soup... my polish friends mother makes it with chicken and my russian friends mother made it with cabbage and beef... you should give it a try if you ever get the chance. :)
Toothfairynotes said…
yakitori, yummy... haven't had any since months... hmmm

freshelle said…
chinese street snacks.YUMM!

great blog! im a follower now.

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