Seductive Vampire Tutorial + Giveaways

Hi dearies. As you all know, Halloween is around the corner and if you're planning to go as a vampire (what with all the Twilight craze right now) then might I suggest you dearies take a look at Michelle Phan's (a.k.a ricebunny)'s Seductive Vampire Tutorial. It's a hauntingly beautiful look, the kind that you can't tear your eyes away from. ><

P.S. I'm so ashamed to admit it but I heart Edward Cullen. Psssh...

Moving on to new giveaways, happy clicking on the pictures.

By Every Little Girl's Addiction
Ends November 15th

By My Makeup Reviews
Ends October 18th

By Nihrida's Blog
Ends October 25th

By I Heart Cosmetics
Ends October 24th


Blair said…
Michelle Phan is so pretty!
Jbreezybaby said…
i saw that tutorial.. so nicely done! i miss rambutan! ive only had them a couple of times since i got here in the US. i really want some!
Pop Champagne said…
the tutorial is nicely done!! But I bought my costume already... I'm going to be santa. like the opposite of vampires LOL!! And yeah no kidding truly madly deepy is about guy love... 0_0
Jbreezybaby said…
ooops... my bad about the link. i forgot to hyperlink them. anyways, i fixed it! :)
✿Ji✿ said…
who doesn't love edward?;)
(hating pattinson though-.-)
Shop N' Chomp said…
Love Michelle's vids. And thanks for letting us know about these giveaways. :)

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