Yet again, another overdue tag. This time, you have to take pictures to show what are the things in your bag.

1. Wallet
2. Eclipse Mint
3. House Keys
4. ZA Groovy Smoovy Powder
5. 4 Black Pens
6. Yellow Notebook
7. Cell Phone

8. Sony MP3
9. My Name Card

I'm trying out the photo editing softcare - Meitu XiuXiu recommended by Fuzkittie. ^^ Everything is so cute and girly. I just chuck everything into the photo that I like. The items in my bag are really boring eh ><

And oh, I sold my Hello Kitty phone and bought the new LG KS360. I'm ing it more than my Hello Kitty.


Blair said…
Meitu XiuXiu looks fun! I've got to give it a try soon :)

Is the Bio-Essence Softener a toner?
mrsdumpling422 said…
I tried Meitu XiuXiu but I don't know Chinese and wierd things kept popping up so I had to delete it... :(
I love your MP3! So cute!!
Shop N' Chomp said…
Hiya Lisa! Love your wallet and Sony MP3 player...yay! :)

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