Look at the green thing and tell me what was the first thing that you thought it was. *Correct answer at the end of the post.

Just wanna share my pretty felt! Colors of the rainbow. Feel so happy just by looking at them.

Received these in the mail loooooooong time ago. It's from Kathi from Lotus Palace ( She was giving these out to the first 3 people who e-mail her and I was the first. It really pays off to stalk her blog. ^^ Thanks Kathi!~

*Correct answer: FROG
My dad thought it was a rooster at first sight and my mum said it looked like a bear. =.= I also made a muffin strap and my dad said its a flower. Another time I've made a pink polar bear and the response I got was - rhinoceros and pig. The first time I made a crocodile and people guessed it was a frog. Really, I'm a failure. *sigh* :P


Lulu said…
hahah aww i actually thought it was a froggie when i first looked at it :) i want to make felt crafts too, it seems like so much fun! :)
Blair said…
It looks like a frog to me! =D

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