Improved Version of Froggies + Yellow Bow + Disgusting Blackheads

Step 1: Cute out two pieces of froggie's head. ^^
Step 2: Embroider on the eyes and smiley mouth. If you don't want to sew the eyes by hand, you can always cut out black felt and stick it on but I find embroidering it easier.

Step 3:  Hot glue the string to make a loop. Remember to measure the length you want it to dangle.

Step 4: Sew on both of the cut out felts together and you're done!~ I'm so proud of myself. Made 5 froggies today. But the hot pink one is kinda flat cause  I didn't stuff enough cotton in.

Imagine I have to make 50 of these kind of cell phone "charms" but in different patterns. But I'm really thankful for the order. My room is like this "high-end" version of a sweatshop >..<

I made this cute yellow bow a long time ago. Quite happy with the turn out. Previous months I was churning out these little babies non-stop but now I'm more into felt crafting.

Finally, the reason why I'm addicted to using nose pore strips.

Another close up look. Haha...
*You can click on the pictures to view the large ass view of it. Not sure why you would want to though. My blackheads aren't really that pretty :P

In other news, I've been slapping on moisturizers at the side of my mouth more than usual cause last night we went to try out this new restaurant and all the dishes we ordered were SPICYYY!~ So the sides of my mouth is peeling and cracking this morning...


prettybeautiful said…

I love admiring the blackheads on black porepack too.

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