19th February 2010

Before coming to the "New Post" page in blogger, I have a lot of things to say. A lot of things I need to get off my chest. But when I arrive on the page, my mind goes blank. 用华语也好,英文也好,都不懂得怎样表达我的心情. Maybe that's why people always tell me that I need to learn how to "express myself properly". *傻笑* 最近老是发现自己会傻笑. 

My parent are hosting two parties this weekend. That's about the only exciting thing happening in my life. Oh, that and my big sister and her "darling" is coming tomorrow. I hope she won't be too difficult. My mum has been waiting for my sister's "darling" to come to our town since last, last year cause he owes my mum a blueprint of her dream house. My mum really likes collecting houses and land. She told my dad that her dream is to have a bunch of keys to all her houses. So my dad has been buying houses and lands for her. 

纳闷. Stupid goddamn weather cannot make up it's mind.

Anyways, Blair tagged me a long time ago. 

Aww, she thinks I'm awesome. Thanks! I think I'm awesome too. Here's my 10 (not-so-) awesome facts <--- have to write it if you receive the award.

#1. I'm the youngest in my family.
#2. I only eat the middle part of a chicken wing.
#3. My room is always a mess.
#4. Hearts kittens and hamsters.
#5. Turning 20 this year but still acts and thinks like a 5 years old.
#6. Wishes to be pretty.
#7. An on and off shop-a-holic.
#8. Loves and fawns over cute and handsome guys.
#9. Dreams of being filthy rich everyday.
#10. Thinks being alive is pretty awesome.



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