So far...

It's finally the holiday for me. But it doesn't mean that I can relax cause I still have 2 assignments that are due on the 12th April. But I'll definitely have more time to blog and I have so many wonderful (well, to me) to share. And oh, I heard from one of my cousin that another little cousin of mine from Brunei reads my blog so here's a shout out and thank you to you!~

On cosmetics and skincare...

My skin is behaving EXTREMELY well since end of January. Not a pimple in sight and it's getting clearer and brighter everyday. I'm so happy. Maybe it's the age thing, you know. Once you reach 20, your skin will regulate itself or something. But I'm pretty sure some of the products I'm using helps as well and I'll share them with you. I also have a few BB Creams up for review.

On crafts...

Well, I haven't been producing any bags lately cause what with all the uni work and my cousin visiting. But I have been improving my stamp carving skills. Not exactly a very productive month, I'll say but hopefully next month will be better.

It's good to be back.

Lisa J.


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